[Intro/Sklar] Oh you thought this shit was only gonna be hip hop shit


Annyoung fellow RB bloggers, I’m here to give a fresh take on some of the finer points of the rokmuzic.

There’s this album circulating the streamosphere recently, especially here (stream via Pitchfork). It’s called Sunbather by a band called Deafheaven. Hailing from the left coast, I’ll classify this as some real west-coast shit. Doesn’t only belong to Pac – or more recently OFWGKTA.

Now, many of you bloggers are Schonzey’s boys & girls who don’t really fuck with heavy rock music for one reason or another, but here’s why you should listen to this record.

  • It screams (literally) summer. It’s an abrasive masterpiece complete with swirling guitars, complex time signatures and sprawling emotional themes. It’s full of bullrush emotional peaks and bleak troughs. YES THERE ARE AGRESSIVE VOCALS. But you’re going to bump Yeezus all summer? Please. This is not vibe music, but there’s a place in your heart for it. At least once.
  • Speaking of ‘Ye – he probably listens to this. Seriously – he sampled Avril 14th by Aphex Twin and 21st Century Schizoid Man by King Crimson on MBDTF. He collaborates with Daft Punk and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon. Yes, ‘Yes is a solipsist and full of hubris, but he fucks with all the music there is to come up with creative ideas to bump through his particular lens. This could be one of them. (srsly, “Black Skinhead”)
  • This typography (which is the cover of the record): 
  • For classification purposes, I’ll put this record somewhere in the annals of “black metal” x “shoegaze” x “post-rock.” There’s not been a better iteration of this crossover; it’s sprawling and focused. Usually, black metal focuses on bleakness and despair. Here, Deafheaven have created a moving piece of highly literate optimism. YES THERE ARE AGGRESSIVE VOCALS. YES MOST (ALL) OF THE LYRICS ARE UNINTELLIGIBLE. Doesn’t matter. Don’t look too literally for a meaning here and it will seep in, slowly.

I am a self-loathing audiophile. I hate that I need to look for new sound on a constant basis. I listen to opera, hip-hop, heavy rock music, synth-pop and indie rock with the same laser focuses criticism across the board. This album, Sunbather, by Deafheaven is my favorite, so far, in 2013. At least until Yeezus drops on the 18th of June. It’s never not going to be funny. Yeezus.

Sunbather is out 6/11 via Deathwish Inc. You can preorder it here and check out the stream on Pitchfork, presumably until the release.

EDIT: Here’s an equally compelling feature, also from Pitchfork (they’re becoming quite the darlings….take from that what you will)



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