Is flopping the NBA’s version of steroids?

LeBron James recently came out as saying it is not that big of a deal, and has been caught red-handed doing such in this series against Indiana.  The media is buzzing about it, especially after the referees personal show last night, which came with plenty whistles, but not that many bells.  Flopping– its happening and there is too much video evidence of its presence in your typical NBA match.  It is becoming one of those nauseating aspects of sports that taint the overall product for the fans.  You want to care about the sanctity of the game, but when everyone is discussing it, genuine drive for purity become exasperated apathy.  You can only hit me over the head with the same puritan like soapbox speech so many times before I tell you to go fuck yourself.

This is becoming utterly reminiscent of my complicated relationship with Major League Baseball (and just about everything else in my life) during my adolescence.  Barry Bonds was steadily cracking home-runs into the San Fran bay and I was loving it, wishing every time I rented a Kayak I had a chance to get smacked in the head with a baseball.  Then the other shoe dropped– he, and many other power hitters and pitchers were most likely participating in steroid use or player enhancing drugs.  It seemed as though the media was on a personal rampage to let everyone know how bad steroids are for your body and how this taints “America’s sport”.  Then the ‘Mitchell Report’ was released where some investigators got some names of some players probably using steroids.  Cool.  Again, this news was everywhere and I felt a strong sense of ‘so what? let them use it– then they would be on the same playing field’ just to shut Stephen A. Smith up.  I became disenchanted with the sport as it tested my moral fortitude.

The NBA is doing the same thing with flopping.  Like steroids in baseball, flopping is not a new phenomena to basketball.  People have been doing it for years, but it’s become widespread across the league and it’s something easy to point out and talk about.  These issues become parallel in terms of their coverage and overall angle– protecting the sanctity and purity of the sport.  This general ideology is something I can 100% get behind, if people weren’t being so whiny about it all the time.  Either do something or don’t, but either way stop complaining.  I’ll I’m saying is I am close to relinquishing an exasperated “who gives a fuck?” about an issue that I should care about.


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