Greedhead is Brilliant, Pay Attention


Himanshu Suri has been a rap outsider since the early days of Das Racist and he’s the first to tell you that. Born in Queens, half Punjabi, half Indian, all brown (everything), Heems has come to represent for a marginalized Indian/Punjabi culture in America. The racial tensions, the stereotypes, the white people being fucking white people–Heems will be the first to throw that shit in your face; the face of America. On a micro hip-hop level Heems has created Greedhead Music to give voice to his slept-on, uncommon cohorts, otherwise known as his friends. In this still “record company people are shady” music business, Greedhead’s philosophy embodies the independent, grunge, we-know-how-to-use-the-internet-better-than-you, DIY trend that has surfaced in hip-hop. Founded in 2008 as an independent management and recording company, Greedhead was a way to control the terms at which Das Racist did their job. Heems found a way to be his own boss and realized that would be better than any other options. After two mixtapes and an album released under Greedhead, Das Racist broke up, giving Heems the opportunity to focus on expanding his label and becoming more of an outspoken, snarky (at times drunken) badass.

Click after the jump for all the reasons why you should be paying attention to everything Greedhead does:

LE1F and the best rap music video produced in the last four months (Four months ago–Backseat Freestyle video)

Le1f has two mixtapes out under Greedhead, Dark York and FlyZone. In a little over a year he has gone from an unknown little electro-hop beat maker, best known for his craftwork on Das Racist’s “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell,” to a buzz-worthy artist who gets nods from every credible online music source anytime he releases a project (The Fader, Pitchfork, SPIN, etc.). He has developed his own unique style of music that lays deep in his love of cartoons and comic books, performance dance, electro music, producing, hip-hop, and rapping. After years of producing for friends he starting spitting and got quicker and better and sassier each subsequent verse. He’s a badass rap diva and one of the only ones that can do it with quipped precision (Also bow down to Mykki Blanco). He’s turning hip-hop norms on it’s head and spinning around in booty shorts.

Lakutis and being white and Russian and New York City and rapping

Lakutis has known Das Racist dudes from a long way back. He earned guest spots on “Amazing” and “rapping 2 u” on Sit Down, Man where he makes funny rhymes like “dick like/ hot like/ baby arm/ chicken parm.” In 2011, Lakutis released his debut EP I’m In The Forest   and he is lining up to release Three Seashells later this year. “Too Ill For The Law” is one of the greatest independent single of this year, which is why it needs more than 10,491 (as of 11:10am on May 30, 2013) views on Youtube. It’s got literally everything that you need for a dope rap music video, curtesy of director/pro-hypman Ashok Kondabolu. Guns, gold teeth, drugs, drinking, slummy apartments, and a little money burning to top it all off. Lakutis has an edged, bloodshot eye image, whipping sweet rhymes at you and calling out the Po-Po. Because what more accessible topic is there than calling out the Po-Po. He also has this cool thing where he goes:

One finger salute to the coppers
When I die please CC my PO
Send the deceased to CCCP
Bury me with more gold than C-3PO

So that’s fun. Lakutis is making cool music and Greedhead is supplying him an innovative cast of characters to build on: Ashok, Le1f, Despot, Heems, Kool AD, etc.

Mayhem Lauren is on Greedhead

I don’t have much time to write about this because I have to go pick up Dave Jonze from the train but Mayhem sounds like some old 90s New York/LongIsland street shit.

Big Baby Gandhi used to be on Greedhead but then he went to medical school.

I swear this isn’t just another ploy to get Heems to hire me as an intern at Greedhead. But Heems, if you’re out there, I don’t have a summer job yet and I’m totally still interested, ; )


One thought on “Greedhead is Brilliant, Pay Attention

  1. I thought I was so close to Heems offering me an internship position, he may not even need one though, man.

    I’m gonna keep trying in the future (my foot is broken right now so I can’t exactly relocate to NYC), I want to work for Greedhead just as bad as you do. So good luck to you…but watch out.

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