Haven’t heard of Timothy Ferriss? Get on your moped (Salt Lake City’s favorite method of transportation), drive to the nearest bookstore and buy all of his books. Except 4-hour Chef, that just came out in hardcover and is only for sale on Neat right? An author actually choosing to be selective where his work is showcased? Don’t have money for a book? He also has a blog– check it out here. Don’t like to read? Great! Ferriss actually tells you to not read his whole book. Then why are these books over 300 pages?

Ferriss may be the greatest body hacker of all time. Yeah that’s right, BODY HACKER. Fuck tech hackers, old news. We’ve been hacking shit for years– time for some 21st century application– hacking ourselves. Ferriss’s books are over 300 pages because you get to choose what sections you want to read. His focus is on efficiency with the highest yield of results. Ferriss tells you how to cheat, cut corners and maximize results in ANYTHING you want to do. Want to work smarter not harder? Do it. Want to lose weight? Do it. Want to be a chef even though you burn grilled cheese to in-edibility? Do it.

I did. I bought two of his books, 4 Hour Body and 4 Hour Chef and I am completely awe struck at how easy it is to actually ignore him and read the whole book. Stories of self-experimentation packed full with humorous anecdotes about his life make him worth reading even if you don’t want to improve your life (although, he makes it sound so damn easy you’re bound to have something stick). Anyone that is willing to put their body on the line for experimentation is okay in my book– it’s something I did my whole life as an athlete. But Ferriss’s outline of body-hacking is like all my years of training on crack. He can gain 60 lbs of muscle in 3 months, he can learn to be a master chef in 48 hours, he can learn Japanese in a week. All because of his focus on less is more.

Body-hacking seems to be a trend on the up–Crossfit, Paleo, living this lifestyles where we are encouraged to do bits of work for maximum results. Ferriss just happens to the best at it, coupled with an amazing ability to convey his message. His books are the bibles in the new religion of body-hacking.


4 thoughts on “Body-Hacking

    • Sorta? Ha, I mean if you get the highest results with the lowest amount of effort– yep. You’re totally hacking.

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