Danny MacAskill, Ladies and Gentleman


One of my absolute favorite people in the past year has been Danny “MegaSkill” MacAskill.  The Scottish trials rider is incredibly famous right now, yet remains a modest, mince and potatoes guy who literally only wants to ride his bike.  When asked about his ideal day, it’s mountain bike with friends in the morning, lunch with friends, motor-bike in the afternoon with friends, and finish up on a street ride, just him and his bike.  I have a huge man crush on him, and can’t respect his approach to riding enough.

Danny started from the bottom (YouTube) with a million-hit videos produced by his flatmate, titled “Inspired Bicycles.”  He rides what’s called a “Trials” bike.  Think BMX bike, low or no seat, partially deflated tires, disc brakes, and FIXED gear in the back.  When he pedals backwards, the wheel goes backwards, and vice versa.  The shit he pulls is only possible by non-humans, on a trials specific bike.


Once his video went viral, he was picked up by Red Bull, as every great extreme athlete is.  I actually love what Red Bull does so much in the extreme sports world, that I have actually started to buy their energy drink in support of the empire.  Red Bull Media House consistently puts out incredible shit and sponsors some of the coolest projects/contests.  When I figure out what the stock market is, I’ll go balls deep in Red Bull stock.  They sponsor the shit out of an athlete, make him/hear wear a Red Bull helmet, drink Red Bull in their videos at competitions, and in return, they pay for ANY project, and ANY medical bills.  What followed Danny’s sponsorship was the artfully produced video, “Way Back Home.”  In interviews, Danny is incredibly gracious to the producers, also noting that the video was more about artistic vision and less about insane stunts (of which there are still plenty).

He’s suffered some pretty bad recurring back injuries recently, (in addition to broken collarbones, dislocated fingers, torn ankle ligaments, etc.) so Red Bull is paying for him to go to the best sports surgeons in the world so he can get back on the bike as soon as possible.  He’ll have to build up his strength in order to get back to his previous skill-level, but he hopes that after intense physical therapy, he’ll be stronger and able to do more intense tricks.  He now has a 6-part series currently in motion called “Imaginate,” all about his journey to recovery and his upcoming projects.  In the first episode, we’re given some great footage of his first “Gym” workouts with an athletic trainer.  As it turns out, Danny has never really done conditioning or anything of the sort and watching him do pushups is mildly amusing.

Still shots can’t possibly do his tricks justice (watch the videos); they’re all about stringing together unbelievable lines and an insane creative fluidity.  He makes a 4-foot bunny hop look effortless, and a 5-second endo like child’s play.  Whenever a small group of people slips into the whole “Yo! Check out this YouTube video…No! Check out my video!” thing, Danny MacAskill is my go-to crowd pleaser.  So, check out these videos guys!

I love Danny and I love biking, and Danny loves biking and mince and potatoes.


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