Hit-Boy Has The Realest Name Ever

Hit Boy

The 26-year-old smash producer laid the foundation for “Niggas In Paris,” “Clique,” “Drop The World,” “Goldie,” and “Backseat Freestyle.” He’s worked with everybody that means anything in the hip-hop business. If you look at the top three hip-hop hits in the last couple years chances are Hit-Boy has supplied the beat for at least two of them. He understands the art of hip-hop hit making better than anybody younger than Kanye West. At 26, the kid has already received a Grammy award for his craftwork on “Niggas In Paris.” And at 26 the kid is probably already in the illuminati. God bless him. He’s a fucking genius. And like any utterly brilliant producer with insane aspirations, he raps. And he raps pretty fucking good too. Watch out Pharrell, Kanye, FlyLo, Tyler, El-P, or any other person who produces and raps on their own shit, because Hit-Boy knows how to make hits better than you and he’s going to. (Although apparently he didn’t produce “Jay-Z Interview Part I,” B!NK did, and he only co-produced “Jay-Z Interview Part II” with Childish Major). He has a mixtape out called HitStory that you can download here. Below are the videos to “Jay-Z Interview Part I” and “Jay-Z Interview Part II,” which was released earlier today. 


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